7 Ways to Boost Brain Power

As we get older, the same rule applies to our mind as it does to our body. Use it or Lose it. Here are 7 ways that may help give your noggin a boost.

1. Eat colourful fruit and vegetables.

Consuming foods that are rich in antioxidants not only helps protect and nourish the brain cells but also prevents cholesterol from damaging the lining of your arteries and slowing blood flow to the brain. Eat a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables like blueberries, carrots, oranges, spinach, sweet potatoes and tomatoes.

2. With that being said, say no to artificial sweetners. 

Artificial sweetners are very bad for the health of not only the body but the brain. Studies have shown that people who consumed soft drinks on a regular basis are more likely to report lapses in long term memory. It may be a better idea to switch those soft drinks for water.

3. Enjoy your coffee and newspaper time.

Those lazy Sunday may actually be doing your brain good. Reading not only has shown to expand the brand’s grey matter but studies have also shown that coffee consumption can increase cognitive capacity and help ward off Alzheimer’s disease and reduce the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s later on in life.

4. Read a book. 

Turn that TV off and keep warm and snug with a good read. Reading gets brain cells charging. It is an exercise for the brain which takes mind power to convert the words on the page to mental pictures.

5. Exercise your heart and brain

Studies have found that moderate amount of exercise daily can stimulate the production of brain cells which means keeping a healthy heart will also keep your mind sharp too.

6. Learn a language

People who are fluent in more than one language possess the possibility of delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms for as long as five years. It has been found that this allows the brain to expand the thinking and memory capacity and encourage healthy brain cells and pathway to remain intact longer.

7. Keep stress levels at bay

If there are a lot of worries on your mind, it may be causing some havoc on our neurotransmitters. Stress prompts the brain to release certain hormones that damage the brain if exposed to them too much over time. To help reduce stress levels try some meditation which not only relieves stress but can also counteract memory loss by boosting the antioxidant hormone melatonin by up to a whooping 300%.

Hopefully you’re up for some turbo charge to that brain of yours (: Enjoy and have a great day!

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