Appreciate the little things in life

Hey guys, sorry i haven’t been posting for the past month and a half! Holy cow, where did all that time go. I just have been very busy lately with Uni just beginning and trying to settle into this new chapter in my life. So here is my post for today. (:

I wanted to talk about how we should appreciate the little things in life. The things that we have, I want you to look around and think about where they came from. I look around and think to myself I know I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my parents who went through so much blood sweat and pain, working so hard until they’re stick thin, lacking sleep and were just constantly tired trying to get by day by day just to provide us with all the luxuries we have on top of placing food on the table for use to survive. I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate the things we have in life and take in all these things and work harder just like they did and are still doing for us. My motivation to try my best in everything that I do to achieve the best is for my family.

I recently went to go visit my grandparents whom I haven’t seen for around 6 months. The first thing that my grandma did was hug my brother and I and just started crying. We all have moments where we’re unable to draw out any time to go visit relatives, but we should never forget about where we came from. All the hard work that they went through has had an impact to where we are today.

All the things that we want so much we are spoilt enough to get what we want…This is where our generation has changed. You see, back in the day my grandma would work for decades to save up for about 15000 Australian dollars worth today.Each month her salary would be around $50 – $60 and she struggle through day by day to reach where she is today. I must say grandparents sure are amazing.

Now that our economy has risen, we sometimes take things for granted. The things that we are given would not be what we have if it weren’t for the previous generations who built everything for us to follow through with. Sometimes we get too caught up with everything in our lives, but we should slow down, take a break and just have a chat or drop by for a few hours. We should go visit our grandparents and family from every now and then, just to spend some time with them. It won’t only be beneficial to you but also to them.

That’s all for today, talk to you guys soon!

What do you appreciate in your life? (:

Much love,

Kathy xx

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