Healthy Herbed Salmon Salad Bowl Recipe

This is a healthy meal packed with nutrients such as omega 3 oils from the salmon and vitamins and minerals from the veggies.

– spinach
– carrot
– lettuce mix
– tomato
– cooked rice
– salmon
– dried herbs
– salt and pepper, to tast

All you need are some veggies, i chose spinach, lettuce and carrot because that’s what i had in the fridge, but you can choose whatever veggies you’d like. Now for this i didn’t really measure it, i just grabbed a handful of spinach, a handful of lettuce, diced some tomatoes and roughly chopped it and a grated carrot.

Now for the salmon, i seasoned it with some salt, pepper and italian herbs and spices. You can put as much as you want depending on your taste. Then pan fry it with some olive oil until golden brown on each side.. Takes about 2-3 minutes each side on medium to high heat.

Then i just literally crumbed the salmon with a fork in the bowl, grabbed the salad mix and rice and just tossed it all together. Some salt and pepper and your meal is ready!


Kathy xx

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