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“Regardless of how little i eat, i still can’t lose weight”

I read this on a website the other day and thought that these girls still have this thought in their mind. This idea of being so skinny to the extent where it’s unhealthy has got to stop. Everybody should love themselves for who they are because everyone is beautiful. Don’t feel that you need to be skinny like those girls in the magazine or movie stars, because everyone is different. Everyone has different shapes and sizes therefore making life more interesting (: . There is no need to compare yourself with anyone, just focus on yourself and work with what you got. *snap snap* The most beautiful asset of someone is their smile and to smile with confidence ( though not too confident to the extent where you’re arrogant and think you’re better than everyone else. ) but you get my point haha.

Here are some things you should change to nourish your body.

Firstly, being skinny isn’t the most important thing in the world, being HAPPY is.  Happiness comes from learning to accept and love yourself for who you are. From my own experience, when i started to disregard what others thought of me, stopped thinking about dieting and so desperately wanting to lose weight, i came to the realisation that accepting who i am and nourishing my body with proper food, i was much happier than who i was before. When you learn to accept yourself the more beautiful you will appear on the outside.

We all have things that we’re insecure about. It’s NORMAL… but in the big picture those little quirks are what make you, you. If we wait until we become perfect before we love ourselves, we will waste our whole lives seeking this so called “perfection”. You are already perfect right here and right now. Everyone has their own definition of perfection, if you seek everything to the extent where you’re miserable and stressed out. I strongly suggest that you stop now.

We are our worst critics. We always lean towards the negativity without thinking about it. But this mindset that most of us have should be changed. I know that this will take a lot of time. I myself took quite a long time to realise, but I know for sure that it will do you more harm than good if nothing is done. We are still growing and are learning everyday about ourselves. I know what you’re going to say. ”I hate my body, I can’t love myself. Why was I born like this” yadayadayada… But next time before you beat yourself up, remember that you are lucky enough to be living on this beautiful planet. Be grateful to be young, healthy and alive.

Now with all that being said, I am going to give you a head start to you’re life. Living a life full of happiness. Because your appearance isn’t the most important thing in life… Feeling happy, confident, content, proud and just loving your body and yourself will allow you to be happy without even knowing it. 😀

What I learnt is that counting calories or eating the minimal amount has NOTHING to do with being your thinnest or losing weight. Those fad diets, where you only drink water, the cabbage soup, low carb, lemon detox diets only do more damage to your body than it will to make you happy. Even though some of them may work, but in the end are you truly happy? Are you satisfied later that you’ve “lost weight”? Because many tend to just gain their weight they lost back on. Meaning these diets are insufficient and are hard sustain. These fad diets/ yoyo dieting will cause not only stress for your body but also your mind.

It’s really WHAT you put into your body that is important. Right now I’m actually consuming more calories than I ever had before and I’m thinner than I’ve ever been. My belly is happy and satisfied all day and I’m never hungry. (:

The main thing I stay away from is starchy carbohydrates (so, no rice, potato, pasta, bread, cereal, etc.) and sweets although you can have a cheat day once a month because it’s good for your soul (: . However it is important to have some carbs (depending on what they are) because they’re an awesome source of energy and certain carbohydrates can help eliminate bloating. For example, oatmeal. I eat oatmeal with banana sprinkled with cinnamon every morning to get my body going and to have enough energy for the day. I sometimes pair that with 2 hard boiled eggs or a handful of almonds for extra protein. I keep myself energised and my belly full and happy by filling it with fruits and veggies with almond butter  or sometimes I have nuts, green tea and healthy bars like Carmen’s.

For lunch I usually have some source of lean protein such as salmon, chicken, or tofu paired with a raw veggie salad (love my spinach and kale), steamed or raw veggies (carrot, celery or cucumber with hummus) and some fruit to cleanse the palate.

For dinner I usually alternate what I have for lunch. So whichever meat and vegetable combination I didn’t have for lunch I’d have for dinner. Having a mixture of what you eat will keep you interested, you won’t feel bored of what you eat and it’ll allow you to eat healthy happily without even knowing it. 😀 I also love my soups for dinner as it is a great way to finish off the night with some warm soup and it’s easily digested by the body whilst also containing a lot of nutrients! I try to have my last meal of the day before 7ish, 7:30. If I get hungry before bed I will never let myself go to sleep hungry. I’ll have some fruit (excluding bananas, especially at night) nuts or some yoghurt. A cup of chamomile or dandelion tea before bed is also great for you as well.

The greatest thing about this way of eating is that you’re able to eat every 2-4 hours. The reason why it works is because it keeps your body burning all day long as opposed to the eating only 3 times a day. When you consume foods 3 times a day it leads to body to blood sugar spikes as you’re energy is at the top when you eat but then plummets until the next meal which leads to you craving for sugary or salty foods. Eating more actually makes your metabolism work faster and harder as it’s constantly on the high burning. Picture a furnace or a campfire. If you feed it logs it’ll keep burning.. when you consume fire, it revs up like a beast but then the fire slowly dies out when you don’t put any more logs in. It’s quite similar with when you eat.

So with this you’ll be eating more than ever but you’ll be eating the right things and when you’re eating the right things and exercising, your body will be healthy and you’ll feel great!

I try to exercise daily ( usually in the morning ) to get my heart rate up and my body going and am trying to stretch  or do some yoga every night before I head to sleep to help my body wind down.

I hope this was helpful and that you guys enjoyed reading it. I believe the most important thing is to keep yourself healthy and love yourself by consuming the right foods and filling your body with nutritious foods. You don’t need to bother counting calories or weighing yourself to every gram because that will only cause you stress. Just know what you’re consuming is healthy, stay far far away from packaged foods and you’ll be on your way to a happier you without even knowing it 😀 Nourish your body and soul with foods that mother nature has brought us. Be comfortable, confident and love yourself just the way you are. Because YOU are beautiful in every way.

Lots of love,




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